SkyPros Aviation is equipped to perform all necessary inspection and maintenance. However, our capabilities can change based on customer needs. We have the knowledge, facilities, tools, and equipment to maintain, inspect and repair most general aircraft's. We intend to expand our Capabilities list to include additional models and manufacturers as we might be able to satisfy your needs.

When an aircraft needs a part, all other matters seem to take a back seat. Keeping an aircraft productive is critical; keeping it safe is non negotiable. SkyPros Aviation is committed to providing the fastest response time to your critical parts needs. We can quote, sell and ship aircraft parts domestic and overseas.


At SkyPros Aviation, we work closely with each client to achieve their desired result. We appreciate what people share about our commitment and services. Clients are discovering that when it comes to their aircraft needs, SkyPros Aviation is dedicated to make sure every aircraft is airworthy and that our clients are satisfied with the services provided. To help us continually improve customer experience, we'd like to hear your comments, suggestions, and experience.

“I've been with Skypros for about 14 years (I guess that somewhat speaks for itself regarding my satisfaction) and I have found them to be very customer focused. They go out of their way to meet expectations and provide excellent customer service. This includes not only maintaining my aircraft but providing those upgrades/modifications we all want on our aircraft over time. If unanticipated things pop up, which occurs with all airplanes....they have been flexible, researched altrenatives (including less expensive options) and adjusted time frames as necessary.

They are friendly, responsive, trustworthy professionals, and I refer to them as "my airplane's doctor"....and they have kept it in tip top shape!”

“Skypros Aviation has been great to do business with. Their pricing is competitive and they are always quick to get the job done. They are very relaxed and friendly while doing professional work. I recommend Skypros for any GA maintenance and inspections needs.”

“I've been taking my aircraft to Skypros for several years and feel I have found a shop where the work is done correctly by a trustworthy staff. I just flew my Mooney home today after its annual and the plane performed flawlessly. I would recommend Skypros to anyone who has work to be done on their aircraft or is looking for assistance on a pre- buy.”


Raul Bueno


The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself and to make you aware of the services SkyPros Aviation has to offer. I have over 30 years of experience in general aviation and I represent SkyPros Aviation with an ideal line of aviation maintenance services. We are a minority owned small business and SkyPros Aviation is actively seeking to establish new relationships.

SkyPros Aviation was founded in 2010 and has been successful every year. Our team has over 30 years of experience in general aviation. We are proficient and efficient at maintenance as well as acquiring specific knowledge. We guarantee consistent quality and utilize the finest equipment, tools, in the industry today. Keeping an aircraft productive is critical; keeping it safe is non negotiable. SkyPros Aviation is committed to providing the fastest response time to your critical aviation needs. Furthermore, we can quote, sell and ship aircraft's and aircraft parts domestic and overseas. We also have the facility, knowledge, and experience to accommodate all types of aircraft. All our inspections, repairs and maintenance are preformed in house to guarantee satisfaction.


Raul Bueno - President & Chief of Operations